Are Nootropics Safe?

Are you interested to recharge your memory, being able to recall names, and do calculations with more accuracy?

Nootropics / Smart Drugs

Do you want to get limitless brain energy throughout the day?

Well, there is no doubt that everyone wants to learn new skills, understanding, or retaining the information for longer.

More commonly, the peoples are trying natural ways to boost up their mind performance and actually get the good amount of result but, sometimes they are finding difficulty to follow a proper diet and less time for performing exercises.

The exercises and diet are the best for improving the brain health but unfortunately, some specific groups do not have leisure time to do because of a heavy work day and they turn to Nootropics.

The demand of Nootropics is increasing as the dawn of civilization and become the most fashionable.

Over the 50 years, the Nootropics drugs are receiving the well amount of progress in the field.

Nootropics are considered the best drugs for brains but a lot of people are concern about their safety status.

The average population is asking about this question:

How effective are Nootropics?

No doubt, results of effectiveness are very clear but you need to understand more.

Thus, I have decided to write a review of Nootropics safety that may help you in many aspects. Vice versa, what you should avoid and how your health becomes improve with the help of these kinds of drugs.

Before going to give you an answer, let’s have a look at some basic information.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are also called smart drugs, brain boosters and cognitive enhancers (synthetic or natural) that can be used to improve the mental performance or energy, attention span, among healthy individuals in the life.

The brain is a very important part of your body and responsible for controlling the physical functions of the body, metabolism of the nervous system and digestive system to the emotions, work, and relationships as well.

If we go through history, so many scholars psychologist and chemist from Romania is involved in which the famous name is Corneliu Giurgea who was the father of brain pharmacology and mental research.

Later, on these drugs are coined “Nootropics” ad very first drug labeled “Piracetam”.

The Hollywood has made a move on Nootropics named as “limitless” that seems like a magic pill.

According to the survey and experimental bases, the consumption rate experiences high among students, desk workers, truckers, and athletes with pursuing of maximum performance.

Due to the modern lifestyle, there is an increase in the depression, anxiety, and addictions toward the unhealthy substances that lead to unhealthy brains.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking Nootropics?

  • Boost memory recall (Enhanced learning and memory effects)
  • Increased focus (Enhanced ability to learn behavior with improved focus and without any disruption)
  • Enhance the overall efficiency of the brain functions
  • Creativity
  • Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Decision making
  • Enhance communication abilities
  • Improved concentration
  • Protect the brain from physical and chemical injuries

Are Nootropics Safe?

In some point of view, it is not satisfied to say that they are completely safe and there is none of anyone statement fits all answers.

Somehow, I am going to share every kind of experience,

1) They are reported as generally safe when they are consumed responsibly and following the proper prescription.

2) The Nootropics covers a wide range of synthetic substances as well as natural ingredients like caffeine that give powerful effects to your brain.

Some types of ingredients are relatively untested while some are completely natural.

Do make sure to conduct a proper research for ingredients and ask to a doctor if you have any kind of allergies and hypersensitivity prior to administration.

3) L-Theanine, Piracetam, And Huperzine are shown to have as a Neuroprotectant activity as they prevent the brain from injury result in oxidation damage, stress, inflammation, disease, and aging.

4) The dosages and ingredients effectiveness is matter because some Nootropics may pose a significant risk and complications for long-term. The rate has observed from very mild to severe and sometimes life-threatening.

5) Similar to all kinds of drugs, Nootropics also act differently from user to user because of the aging, history of any disease condition, interactions to certain kind of medicines, and unique type of the body chemistry have a significant effects.

6) Some of the most common side effects are the stomach ache, insomnia, nausea, and headaches as well. Certain types of smart drugs may lower the heart rate and causes diarrhea. The natural cognitive enhancers have fewer effects while synthetic products are associated with severe side-effects.

In short, there is a huge list of factors and consideration are depended upon the level of safety.

Now, what is the best way that you should do?
Read below to get the answer,

How To Identify The Safety Profile?

Though, every user concern about the drugs side effects in a very first step.

First of all, let it clear that every Nootropics have its own way of a mechanism to act and safety level.

It is more important to complete your research before starting any types of supplementation.

Give Priority To The Selection Of Ingredients

Some of the herbs or ingredients have taken from thousands to hundreds of years and experimented safe to consume without any side-effects.

ingredients in smart drugs
how to choose best nootropics

However, others are observing the long-term effects. Certain types of classes deliver short-term effect while some are delivering the longer effect.

By selecting those ingredients that are passed from years of researching with respect to their safety profile have less harmful effects.

These drugs are classified as a prescription drug, over the counter substances, and some are natural that have a significant effect of the mental focus for longer.

The solution, I have listed some of the popular Nootropics ingredients that are highly researched and proven to have no or very few side-effects:

  • Caffeine (Psychoactive substance)
  • Creatine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-Theanine
  • Nicotine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Rhodiola Rosea

Some of the synthetic nootropics are;

  1. Piracetam (Synthetic)
  2. Phenotropil (Synthetic)
  3. Noopept (synthetic)
  4. Amphetamines-Adderall (Prescription drug)
  5. Methylphenidate-Ritalin (Prescription drug)
  6. Modafinil-Provigil (Prescription drug)

The Nootropics safety profile is also based on the pharmaceutical type and Nootropics supplements.

The pharmaceutical drugs are relatively unsafe according to the clinical trials and they are only allowed after doctor’s prescription while the supplements are considered safe when they are sold over the counter and online due to the formulation of natural ingredients.


Some of the Nootropics are widely available today that are based on the certain types of stimulant, ephedrine, and psychoactive substances that can temporarily boost up the alertness.

They do actually have a powerful and good effect on the brain but not necessarily, the effects are always positive.

Chances Of Interaction With Certain Kind Of Medications

When the Nootropics are entering into the body, they work in different ways and involved different organs to show up the results.

Thus, there is an increased chance of interacting with the other substances that are present in the body.

Sometimes, the interactions may positive because of stacking and have synergistic effects.

On the other hand, It dangerously amplifies to the action of other supplements and prescription drugs.
As an example, Modafinil reported having a negative interaction with a variety of pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, Warfarin (Anti-coagulant), and ADHD treatments drug.

What should you do?

Go through a proper research and well informed about all of the possible interactions while taking any smart drug.

More consciously think if you are taking the medicines for a treatment any kind of disease and you have a background history of some health complications.

If you are unable to conduct a research so, consult a doctor and simply discuss all of the matters.

Check Out The Dosages

The intensity of dosages play a role in the effectiveness of the Nootropics and safety aspects.

We all know that abusing always result in something unexpected.

Although, it is assumed that more dose of Nootropics is always better but in reality, the abusing of cognitive enhancers result in the reduction of learning effect, stimulation of elevated anxiety that results in the harm of brain chemistry and overall mechanisms.

The Nootropics are safe till you consume as recommended otherwise the overdosing result in dramatic decline in the cognitive function and side-effects may experience such as anxiety, depression, irregular heartbeat, increased blood glucose level, and severe type of headaches.

In my point of view, the increase dosages may high a risk of addictivity towards drugs.

How to resolve?

Always the concern to the dosages that are the label on a prescription or you may little bit high or low the dosage according to your type of work.

The more common way or the experts recommended that whenever you aim for starting the supplementing cycle so begin with a minimum dose and increase the amount gradually as moderate and then end with a lower dose.

This advice is medically proven and guaranteed to deliver your brain the best nootropics effect.

Addiction Issues

The addictivity depends upon the dosages of Nootropics and most of the products in a market are based on the stimulant.

The consumption of more stimulant associated with addiction, tolerance, and dependency issues.

Take special care if you are prone to increased blood pressure or heart rate and you have the stimulant based Nootropics.

So, it is more important to take care of the dosages in order to avoid addiction, tolerance, and any kind of dependence issues.

Do Not Waste Your Time And Money

The most common problem associated with cognitive enhancers are wasting time because a large number of supplements are completely useless while few of them are effective.

Make sure, you have done complete research and find out the quality cognitive enhancers that come from the highest quality manufacturers and followed the satisfactory Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Good manufacturing practice has consisted of three steps such as raw ingredient screening, facility cleanliness, and equipment maintenance.

The Final Verdict

According to the experimental bases, the large numbers of Nootropics drugs are considered as safe while certain types of ingredients are linked to complications that depend upon many factors as I mentioned above.

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The risks are depending on how you utilize it and how much dosage you prefer to select.

The adult population are observed well tolerated and have no or fewer side-effects are reported. More commonly, the Nootropics have fewer side effects combine with low toxicity.

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